Perito Moreno Glaciar Argentina

Perito Moreno, an advancing glacier in the heart of Southern Patagonia, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Argentina's most popular attractions. There seems to have a whole other sense of scale in Patagonia, and Glaciar Perito Moreno is a prime example. It's one of the largest glaciers not only in Los Glaciares National Park but in South America, with a wall of over 200 vertical feet or roughly the size of a 15-story building that goes back 3 miles. Of course, part of the beauty of the glacier is that it's constantly changing and unlike just about every other glacier in the world, this one is swelling and growing steadily - rather than receding - at a rate of up to 7 feet a day.

Perito Moreno Glaciar
Perito Moreno Glaciar
Perito Moreno Glaciar

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