The Magic Castle United States of America

The Magic Castle is Los Angeles' premier exclusive nightclub. Unlike many other clubs at Los Angeles, the Magic Castle is highly focused on stage magic's most classic traditions. Club members and their guests can whisper secret passwords to animatronic statues and an invisible "ghost" plays requests on a grand piano. Houdinis-in-training mingle with guests to provide beloved classic card tricks and sleight of hand. Some of the most popular nights are when well-known illusionists visit to provide nostalgic stage shows. However, the club is highly exclusive. In order to enter, one must be a dues-paying member of their paid membership program or a guest of said member. Many paid members are themselves professional stage magicians who join for love of their craft. Once inside, a respectful code of conduct and dress code is strictly enforced. The club is very exclusive but once inside it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Magic Castle
The Magic Castle


7001 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, California


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