Zhihua Temple China

Take a break from hyper-modern Beijing and visit the Zhihua Temple, the ancestral shrine to Ming Dynasty eunuch Wang Zhen. No one knows when Wang Zhen was born, but he rose to prominence as a trusted advisor of the crown prince during the artistic flourishing of the Ming Dynasty. Wang Zhen became so powerful and influential that even Emperor Yingzong called him “sir.” Despite the flaws of Wang Zhen’s rule, a memorial was held after his murder and his temple was kept in repair for centuries. Modern visitors will enjoy admiring the Pavilion of Ten-Thousand Buddha, the carved gold panels of the hallway, and intricate drawings and carvings throughout the splendid temple.

Zhihua Temple
Zhihua Temple
Zhihua Temple

Zhihua temple


No.5 Lumicang Hu Tong, Beijing, Hebei

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