Chiayi High Heels Church (嘉義高跟鞋教堂) Taiwan

This church (嘉義高跟鞋教堂) is 55 feet tall and 35 feet wide and apparently it's a wedding chapel. When I was there in March 2016, the church wasn't open and seemed empty, but there were loads of Taiwanese tourbuses there even though it was raining.

Chiayi High Heels Church (嘉義高跟鞋教堂)
Chiayi High Heels Church (嘉義高跟鞋教堂)

It’s not just the devil who wears Prada! Taiwanese town builds a church shaped like a HIGH HEEL to attract female worshippers

These Photos Of A Church Built In The Form Of A High-Heel Shoe Will Take Your Breath Away


625 Xibin Rd, Budai Township, Chiayi County


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