Eastern State Penitentiary United States of America

Eastern State Penitentiary could be described as the Alcatraz of the East Coast. The prison was built in 1829, less than a century after the American Revolutionary war. The wagon-wheel shape of the prison was radical for the time, as was a focus on reform instead of punishment for prisoners. The prison has housed famous criminals such as Al Capone, whose cell can be visited today. Visitors to the penitentiary can enjoy an eerie, dream-like walk through the empty cells and castle-like walls, complete with gargoyles. The forward-thinking architect intended for the halls to feel reflective, like a church, with a single window representing the “Eye of God.” Unfortunately, these intentions did not work out in practice as guards were known for sadistic punishments. Visitors today can enjoy visiting the eerie prison, or they can take one of the ghost tours offered on the grounds.

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