Joshua Tree National Park United States of America

When Americans think of California’s natural majesty, they picture pristine white beaches, towering forests and endless mountain ranges. Joshua Tree National Park is definitely a unique gem that can’t be missed by the nature lover. In addition to rolling desert mountains and sandy hills, the park is well known for its dream-like, strange natural features. Lots of eerie, strange towers of orange boulders and arched rocks add a quirky uniqueness to the dunes, but the inimitable Joshua trees truly star in this show. Mormon settlers named the Joshua tree for its outstretched branches, but the quirky zig-zag branches topped with spiky needle-like leaves may remind the modern traveler of a Dr. Seuss creation. This desert survivor is truly unique and worthy of a visit from any American road warrior.

Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park


74485 National Park Dr., Twentynine Palms, California


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