Kituluni Hill (The Anti -Gravity Hill) Kenya

Ask about Kituluni hill in Machakos District and people are likely to take you aside and talk in hushed tones about strange goings-on, witchcraft and sightings of ghosts dressed in white. This place has long been the subject of speculation, and visitors have travelled for miles to witness the strange goings-on at the extraordinary hill. It is perhaps the only place in the world where a car that is switched off can roll uphill, unaided and water flows uphill.

Kituluni Hill (The Anti -Gravity Hill)
Kituluni Hill (The Anti -Gravity Hill)

Kituluni Hill: The Place Where The Laws of Gravity Are Defied

Kituluni Hill(The Anti-Gravity Hill)

The lure of Kituluni Hills where matter defies the law of gravity

Kenya: The Magnetic Hill That Could Soon Become a Tourist Site

Machakos: Water Runs Uphill and Cars Drift Uphill, Too


12 kilometers east of machakos town., Machakos, Nairobi

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